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The Nocturne

Drown in time-lapse illusions

my lips choose to be motionless

my heart goes numb

my feet anchor in the unlit harbor


The crescent moon

releases elixir of cadence

as pieces of stars are falling down

to my palm


&&& (Ampersands)

aimlessly framed still life

black cat, yellow rose, blue apple

painted by someone,

someone I still care

time slides along submerged years

When Night Ticks Away

Night ticks away

Sands slip through the thin fingers

Clogged time faints in the past

Untreated hope betrays the present

Chained love moans against the future

Old windowpane clatters

Remorse flickers a candle flame on the table

Darkness catches darkness

Night ticks away

The Persistence of Time

Wishing her shadow not to fade

with time of ours

Nobody keeps up the masquerade

in discolored hours

As she goes away

my eyes envision her curve in the distance

That’s all I can illustrate today

The clock listens

to my shed tears

for unaddressed fears

The Hour

When the green was greener,
a promise was made
In the starry night,
the river glowed with fallen piecesImage
Over the golden fields,
the crows were heading off the west
In the silence of white,
my skin got senseless

You never rest
With me or without me