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I’m looking for you

in the endless sunflower fields

The horizon embraces

the tangerine orange

Our silhouettes finally meet

in the promised land

Your lips are addictive nectar

Your hair is affectionate in waltz

I won’t let you go again



     Waves glitter the rock

     like the sun stirs memories of our summer

     Seagulls yearn for the west

     like I fingered over his skin

     Clouds waft across the sky

     like his footsteps faded out

I’m Blindfolded

I'm Blindfolded


I’m blindfolded

I never notice a whirlpool in the fountain

flickering in the sun


I’m blindfolded

I never see the infinite blue sky all over

promising me the summer


I’m blindfolded

I never know you are always here for me and are

going to be the one forever

Soap Bubble

When a day had 25 hours,

 I was carefree

jumping up and down on the lawn.

Crystal eyes of a kitten, widely open, fixed on me.

And then I tickled the cheek of a shy white daisy.

Higher and faster,

I competed with a group of ambitious sparrows.

But summer ended

before I knew it.

The Sky

I will fly somedayImage

I’m flying to you

As the jet draws a single straight line in the summer sky

I feel incomplete without you

When I fail to find missing colors on the palette

my life turns black and white

Take my hand to reach me out the solid blue

Higher and higher

until a ray of sunshine blinds me

I still care about you

Whatever they say

No matter where you go