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Red rose

self-expressive fragrance

yearns for



Wind chimes

swing, sing

prelude to May.



Jacaranda treeJacaranda

illusion of pink blossom

      buoy up in May sky








Jacarandas are about to bloom here in Los Angeles. The jacaranda trees always remind me of cherry blossoms, the flowers that people back in my native country, Japan, cherish most. The cherry blossoms have been a theme for art or music. Its flowers and leaves are used for confectionery. In other words, Japanese people fully use all senses to enjoy the pale pink spring flowers. Yesterday, again, I thought about the cherry blossoms when I looked up at a jacaranda. Both jacaranda flowers and cherry blossoms look graceful up in the trees and emanate a sense of wistfulness down on the streets. My heart leaps and sighs.

This is my very first haiku. Hope you enjoy it.

~ Lonely Daffodil