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The fog stretches long arms over the cliff.

The sun patiently meditates in the sky.

Sunlight spreads a lacy handkerchief out from shroud of mist.

The ocean, as blue as your eyes, is singing.

With peace of mind,

I will dive into the eternal azure.



     Waves glitter the rock

     like the sun stirs memories of our summer

     Seagulls yearn for the west

     like I fingered over his skin

     Clouds waft across the sky

     like his footsteps faded out

The Tide

The sky opens his eye

The ocean holds her head high

The wind fiercely heaves a sigh

The sand castle on the beach is unsafe

A falcon is flying over the cliff

Alone and stiff

The upheaval of tides is in and out

Upward and uptight

I won’t take flight

No one can take away my dream

The Tide