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Clair de Lune

Caring porcelain

moonlight saunters along lake

nightly lullaby



A Journey

I’m going farther this time

somewhere unmapped

through snow-capped mountains engaged to a ruby ring.

When the white pebbles on a beach become invisible,

I’ll look for a pint-sized yellow café.

The full moon is ahead of me

and always tells me truth.

In the moonlight, I will think about you.


I’ll decide

A Journey

Your journey is about to begin…

Happy New Year!


Moonlight from the starless sky
projects that night
Your kiss
Your touch
Your whisper

When your cold hand touched mine,
I sensed what you were about to say
My trembling lips uttered
Please don’t go

Destiny fooled us
You were sheltering buds from the wind
I was standing in a colorless gardenPearls

I’m missing you
You are the one who lived in my heart
My aching soul is still looking for you

Tears for you
In the pearly white night
my shadow quiets on the pavement