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Every time

I hear your name,

the clock wobbles backward

and strips your voice

with delicate fingers.



Driving on a hazy winter day

Downtown L.A. on the right

the chiaroscuro city

a cascade of touches and goes

these sweet regrets …

Up to North

no looking back.

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

She zooms across her mind

like tracing the scattered clouds

that once were an infinite whale

They are flitting and huddling with strangers

until creativity dries up

She is no longer sure what she’s seeing

Only self-doubt befriends her


She pines for déjà vu

As precise as possible

As lovable as possible

She is sure that winter doesn’t forget

to bring spring

No Reservations


The empty round table with two chairs
Our reserved seats on the corner
where we were always together

You take your coffee with honey
My chamomile tea slows my pounding heart
Your pleasant smile falls on me
Endless talk makes us closer
Each time your eyes linger on me,
a silent voice stirs me
I’m in love with you

Two wandering hearts finally meet
It’s time for us,
only for two of us
I don’t wanna lose it

Reality is always unkind
Winters wiped the whole,
leaving me behind
You walked away
never brought back another day

The empty table
Our reserved seats