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in wind-driven


focal point.


Absence of desire

zooming contradiction

across my mind.


Fly Away

If my world is made of

weightless memories,

tangled words,

and all loveless pain,

this is not where I belong.

O Wings,

tell me,

how far am I supposed to go

to touch the sky?

The Clown wasn’t Crying

When the Ferris wheel worshiped azure,

the sun gave me a crown.

April breeze bowed before me and

dashed to catch a balloon.


It was too late.


The carefree one glided across the park,

now apple-size up in the sky.

Purple flowers leaned forward in slow motion and

music faded out. I heard

nothing. I saw nothing.

I said nothing.


Enough is enough

I no longer want to dance

Bruises are all over my body

My frail shoulders strand my head

packed with your brilliant ideas

This isn’t my stage

You see my passionless face, don’t you?

I don’t deserve applause

My wish, my only wish

Will you buy me robust shoes, please?

When Night Ticks Away

Night ticks away

Sands slip through the thin fingers

Clogged time faints in the past

Untreated hope betrays the present

Chained love moans against the future

Old windowpane clatters

Remorse flickers a candle flame on the table

Darkness catches darkness

Night ticks away