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No detour for
a lonely heart
She is in his arms

No sympathy for
a lonely heart
She feels his affection
all over

No worries for
a lonely heart
Leave her


The Nocturne

Drown in time-lapse illusions

my lips choose to be motionless

my heart goes numb

my feet anchor in the unlit harbor


The crescent moon

releases elixir of cadence

as pieces of stars are falling down

to my palm

The Clown wasn’t Crying

When the Ferris wheel worshiped azure,

the sun gave me a crown.

April breeze bowed before me and

dashed to catch a balloon.


It was too late.


The carefree one glided across the park,

now apple-size up in the sky.

Purple flowers leaned forward in slow motion and

music faded out. I heard

nothing. I saw nothing.

I said nothing.