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I’m looking for you

in the endless sunflower fields

The horizon embraces

the tangerine orange

Our silhouettes finally meet

in the promised land

Your lips are addictive nectar

Your hair is affectionate in waltz

I won’t let you go again



The golden buildings mirrors the western sky

This sleepless city stashes away the sun

One of countless evenings by the window

Nothing special

but the cigarette smell

wafts across this room

He was here to sketch illusions

over me

The shady mountains gaze at carefree palm trees

I miss him already

Inspiration, Inspiration


For Vincent van Gogh, yellow is a symbol of happiness. I would say the colors of twilight as the emblem of happiness. Twilight is the most peaceful moment to me. A day draws an enticing sketch over the sky; it seems like a promise for tomorrow.

This shot is from a January evening near Los Angeles, California. This is an inspiration to my poem, Fantastic Café, posted below.

Thank you for visiting.

~Lonely Daffodil