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I’m looking for you

in the endless sunflower fields

The horizon embraces

the tangerine orange

Our silhouettes finally meet

in the promised land

Your lips are addictive nectar

Your hair is affectionate in waltz

I won’t let you go again


Waiting for Tomorrow

Waiting for Tomorrow

Searching for a gift of rays,

she found a pen.

Witnessing endless despair,

her soul still pours her words.

The embedded fear

begins to wane.

She is blessed with

awakening voice,

unexpired hope,

and tomorrow.


Dear All,

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you. Your Likes and comments in the past years meant a lot to an aspiring writer/poet like me. Thank you for supporting me with the encouragement to continue.

I wish you a prosperous 2014. Happy New Year!

~Lonely Daffodil

My Ferragamo Shoes

The minister was waiting for me with
the Ferragamo shoes
Bordeaux, flat, size six
in his palms

The clock stroke twice
I blinked once
I walked into the well-lighted room
They were too good to be true

Carefully, like a glassmaker in love,
I patted the sleek leather
My right foot first, then the left
slowly slipped into the shoes

Behind the pumpkin parked like a Porsche
his footsteps reached me
The minister left us all alone
and closed the door for us

He whispered me three words
My Ferragamo shoes held her breath

Ferragamo Shoes

Forest Green

Welcome. I am Forest Green. Today, I will guide you through our forest. Please watch your step. The dense mist still blankets the whole forest this morning, so the path you’re taking is expected to be a bit soggy and slippery, okay? This moisture promises us life. Water is essential for any living creatures — like you and me. The moss restfulImagely cushioned around the trunks maintains its exquisite dark green by absorbing life-giving moisture.

Look at these proud sequoia trees on both sides of you. They have witnessed every single moment here over the last 3000 years. Ahem. It’s me. At the top. I, formed as sharp, mighty leaves, have also been here, without dropping throughout the seasons. What longevity, eh?

My favorite season is summer, when I expect to see many visitors. According to them, I’m acclaimed as a healer. They praise me, saying they are exhilarated when walking in the forest, or by simply looking at me. I would feel deeply honored if I could ensure you a sense of serenity and well-being.

Oh! Ahead of us is getting brighter. Blissful sunlight is penetrating the forest. The dew on those vibrant green leaves begins to glisten. This daily cycle has been repeating over and over and over again.

Life goes on. You often might find it hard to deal with your hectic one. Whenever you feel perturbed, overwhelmed, or are plagued by self-doubt, please come and visit me again. You are a part of our nature. You are my family.