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Between the Lines


fake language,

a full confession fails





Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day

Befriend colors you care

Autumn is an ardent artisan



Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~Lonely Daffodil


Talk to me

I’m always a good listener

Your true colors brighten up my monotonous space

I have to admit I have been fooling myself

I want to please him

Now you talk, talk to me

Your voice touches me like morning dew nuzzles my cheeks

Let me clean up before he comes back

I just don’t want him to get uneasy

Talk to me

I deserve a little punishment

I’m under the guise of armor, self-expression concealed

I don’t even remember what for

But I’m scared, I’m scared

Tell me

Do I know you?

And who are you?

The Persistence of Time

Wishing her shadow not to fade

with time of ours

Nobody keeps up the masquerade

in discolored hours

As she goes away

my eyes envision her curve in the distance

That’s all I can illustrate today

The clock listens

to my shed tears

for unaddressed fears