&&& (Ampersands)

aimlessly framed still life

black cat, yellow rose, blue apple

painted by someone,

someone I still care

time slides along submerged years


12 thoughts on “&&& (Ampersands)

  1. yes, the blue apple is a strikingly discordant image which prompted a few reread as I let my mind wander through free associations. While attempted analysis can be fun, one must eventually return to the poem and simply enjoy it … and I did. 🙂

    • Before having chosen the word, blue, I paused.. thought once, twice…, in fact. Probably, I should rewrite this piece in the future. Thank you for your comments, Michael.

      • actually Miwako, I was trying to say the blue apple was STRONG because it is so unexpected and I would not change that detail in the poem. It is so intriguing as is

      • Thank you for coming back here to drop me a note. I was trying to illustrate sorrow with the blue apple… If this attempt worked OK, I would be happy. Thank you again, Michael. I truly appreciate your comments as always 🙂

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