The Stranger

same kiss

same iris

same abyss

same sky

same sigh

same lie


a different me


10 thoughts on “The Stranger

  1. gorgeous and powerful as always Miwako. You are so good at choosing details that enlarge your words and give them such an emotional kick. Nice to see something new from you.

    • Wow. Thank you, Michael, for your encouraging comments! English is my second language, which I’m still struggling with 🙂 When it comes to write poems, I sometimes feel it could a great advantage as well. In limited vocabulary, I can focus on choosing proper words to describe details. Limitation makes creation.

      P.S. I haven’t seen your posts lately… Are you still writing? I just wonder if you are doing well.

      • I closed my blog on May 01, and I have not written anything since, but I still try to read a dozen or so blogs. I am not =sure if I will return to writing poetry or not yet. I posted a farewell but no one seems to have seen it. I may miss writing and start up again soon. Stay tined.

      • Oh… I didn’t know that you had closed your blog. It must have been a tough decision. I will miss your pieces. Please remember that I’m still a big fan of you 🙂 Thank you again for leaving kind words, Michael.

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