The Clown wasn’t Crying

When the Ferris wheel worshiped azure,

the sun gave me a crown.

April breeze bowed before me and

dashed to catch a balloon.


It was too late.


The carefree one glided across the park,

now apple-size up in the sky.

Purple flowers leaned forward in slow motion and

music faded out. I heard

nothing. I saw nothing.

I said nothing.


17 thoughts on “The Clown wasn’t Crying

  1. I love the pivotal moments you hinge the action of your poems on, good work: “It was too late” Great dramatic reversal.
    I write poems myself, though less about my experiences, but more as a creative scintillae, to make anti-worlds, resembling ours but with character and event. You can read at my blog, the post ‘A return to (mis)form’ are a small collection from my current workings on; please don’t be scared of my atrocious grammar in the poems, it is all for effect.

      • I don’t say them to flatter they deserve more than people just pressing the ‘like’ button. It doesn’t take long to just make something personal if it is worthy. I find most blogged poems just terrible, but yours are somehow different, they seem so deliberated upon. I am much the same, I laboriously tend my poems until I become irritated and just stop and call them complete so I write something else.

  2. this is exquisite Miwako! I love your images as usual, your story, and I have read it several times, still trying to interpret and assign my own deeper meanings. I looked for a more literal, then tried to tie it into Easter, then didn’t care because you used purple in it 🙂 and even read your tags for clues to meaning.

    I used to refuse to explain anything I wrote, preferring to allow the reader to make my words mean what they wanted or thought, but I am softening up, some, and realize some people do wish to know what I meant my words to mean, why I chose to say things a certain way or use specific images. I think there is value in that, as well as in letting a reader interpret it for themselves, even if they completely miss the poet’s intent. What do you think? I would really be interested in an insider’s peek if you care to share.

    • Thank you for taking time to read my piece, Michael! Two weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas. I was there on business and didn’t have a chance to entertain myself, although the world tallest Ferris wheel just opened and was located only a block away from my hotel. (What a bummer!) But the Ferris wheel became my inspiration.

      I used the Ferris wheel as a symbol of life. It uplifts your emotions as its gondola goes up. However, it always brings you to the end. So is life. The red balloon here is an unattainable dream.

      I strive to be aware of audience while writing a poem, but sometimes whatever in my mind “wildly” arouses and I scribble the image. The purple flowers are jacaranda that have started to bloom here in Los Angeles. I deliberately avoided naming the flowers, though.

      Did I explain too much? 🙂 I’m happy to share my intentions. Also, I love to hear readers’ own interpretation or how they felt. Even though it is far from my implied meaning, I don’t think it’s a misunderstanding. There is no right or wrong. It even amazes me, and it is a time when I feel the power of words.

      Happy Easter!

      • thanks for enlightening me, I had the Ferris wheel right, but as you may remember, I am not very well-versed when it comes to flowers. LOL I just liked that they were purple. I have learned you seem to write like I do sometimes, connecting images, almost like taking snapshots and then arranging them for viewing. It is a rare poem that allows dissection and comes out even stronger … I feel an even greater appreciation for this poem. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend — until your next poem, I will say farewell.

      • Glad to hear that I didn’t force you to make another trip to the flower shop 🙂 It’s fun to discuss how we craft our own poems. I always value your thoughts and comments. See you soon, Michael.

  3. Wonderful words and imagery, Miwako. I was trying to interpret this in my own way but couldn’t help reading your response to Michael..I never would have guessed the balloon being a dream, but your metaphor is great! I need to do some catching up here again! Have a great day! 🙂

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