Every time

I hear your name,

the clock wobbles backward

and strips your voice

with delicate fingers.


18 thoughts on “Naked

  1. Reminds me of my childhood days when I’d love to collect pencil remains from the sharpener and gently move my fingers over them but then too they would break and do believe, I was an extremely tender, caring child, just like you know me now!!!

  2. When you say ‘strips your voice’ I am intrigued as to what it is that is stripped. Could you elaborate a little? Is it the actual capturing of what it would be like if time actually reversed, those steady moments of retreat?
    Again, wonderful verb choice with ‘wobbles’ plonked right in the center of the piece, glaring outward, smashing stuff.
    I am not actually that much of a Haiku, too many bad ones, these are so gossamer, like daffodil spores in the first good wind of spring.

    • What I wanted to illustrate here is the reversed time could retrieve memories from the past, including “your voice,” for the speaker. Since the title, Naked, popped up while crafting the poem, I needed to look for an arresting verb to match up with the title. Thank you for your constructive comments as always. Much appreciated!

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