Into Spring




 for awakening


14 thoughts on “Into Spring

    • Thank you, Mr. Mentor LOL Glad you liked this very short piece. I’m self taught as for writing. I got a new book about poetic forms including a sonnet; however, I’m a little overwhelmed because writing a sonnet seems like way advanced to me… Any advice?

      • I have no training in poetry, I just used to read a lot of books. And write. I am not a mentor but I would enjoy offering my own knowledge on forms if it would mean you might be encouraged to try something new. I’m certainly no expert, but if you don’t mind advice from a rebel who rarely follows the academic rules, I’m game. Best advice? Give yourself permission to not be perfect, to simply enjoy the process of trying. Nothing you ever write is wasted. All writing is practice for the next thing you will write. Let me know if I can help in any way and how.

      • I’m a rebel, too 🙂 I enjoy poetry writing because to me poetry seems to have lots of possibilities, choices, and flexibility. In a way, you rule the rules. However, as an aspiring poet, I will need to build a stable foundation in order to utilize those advantages. Thank you for taking time to leave your encouraging comments and wise advice, Michael! Your poems always inspire me and touch my heart. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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