I’m in Love

far from perfection

timid to togetherness


love chooses a crescendo

much rosier than yesterday

morning, coffee, and you


23 thoughts on “I’m in Love

  1. Beautiful – love is revealed in the small imperfect moments of life. Your poem helped me put a finger on something that has been nagging at the back of my mind about a book I’m reading right now. Well-written it is, lots of interesting details, rooted in a particular place which is always a good selling point for me. But the thing is, the characters are just too perfect – not only in how they act and speak, but even in their thoughts. I want some indication that somehow they are – far from perfection. Thank you for a poem that helps clarify my thoughts.

    • Wow… I’m honored by your comments. Glad to hear my poem popped up in front of you like a piece in the jigsaw puzzle that you had been looking for 🙂 I totally agree with you. Flawless characters don’t look real to me, either. As a reader, I enjoy seeing the characters grow or learn.
      Thank you again!

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