Talk to me

I’m always a good listener

Your true colors brighten up my monotonous space

I have to admit I have been fooling myself

I want to please him

Now you talk, talk to me

Your voice touches me like morning dew nuzzles my cheeks

Let me clean up before he comes back

I just don’t want him to get uneasy

Talk to me

I deserve a little punishment

I’m under the guise of armor, self-expression concealed

I don’t even remember what for

But I’m scared, I’m scared

Tell me

Do I know you?

And who are you?


6 thoughts on “Irises

  1. come fra le iris azzurre spicca quello bianco, fiore toccato dalla luce di un piccolo sogno

    amo molto questo dipinto, ed ho apprezzato molto la tua poesia
    dolce notte amico

    • Uno dei musei qui in California ha Iris. Quando ho visto il dipinto, ho sospirato per la sua bellezza e impegnata con la sua potenza. E ‘il mio quadro preferito. Grazie per l’invio del video e commento bella voi, Ven!

      One of the museums here in California has Irises. When I first saw the painting, I sighed for its beauty and engaged with its power. It is my favorite painting.Thank you for posting the lovely video and comment, Ven!

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