Con te partirò (Time to Say Goodbye)


No worries… I will just take some time off from blogging to concentrate on my personal issues.

I will be right back. Enjoy your summer or winter! (to those who live in the southern hemisphere)


~ Lonely Daffodil


10 thoughts on “Con te partirò (Time to Say Goodbye)

  1. I also wish you all the best for the time that you’ll be away, since I know you just make me your poems company that still don’t know
    to say goodbye you put the song to a friend, Andrea Bocelli lives just a few miles from my home, and it’s a great artist as well as a delicious person, the video I sent you is filmed right here in our beautiful Tuscany, and the child you see learn to ride a horse is Andrea as a child, and his father, the video and the song were made to commemorate the death of his fatherbeloved by him, since even you love Andrea,
    I hope you will please
    forgive my bad English

    • Your thoughtful message made me cry… I realized how much I had been supported by kind messages like yours. When I saw the video, tears welled in my eyes again. This is a beautiful song. Although I don’t understand Italian, the lyrics really struck me. The marvelous scenery of Tuscany is nostalgic, and I felt the Tuscan sun, a gentle breeze over the fields. The video made me want to be there. I’m envious because you are living in such a lovely place and near Andrea 🙂 I love his music, but I hadn’t known Melodrama, which is now one of my favorite songs. Thank you for taking time to leave the message for me. I will be back to the blog. See you soon! Grazie, Ventis!

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