The golden buildings mirrors the western sky

This sleepless city stashes away the sun

One of countless evenings by the window

Nothing special

but the cigarette smell

wafts across this room

He was here to sketch illusions

over me

The shady mountains gaze at carefree palm trees

I miss him already


10 thoughts on “Serenade

      • Well, real tough..10 months gone, writing doesn’t come easy.
        Have you read The Best Cigarette by Billy Collins? In fact there’s a brilliant animated video of the same, you’ll find on youtube.
        And now your poem. I feel so out of place, abandoned…Huh! 😉

      • I checked the video on YouTube. I really like it! The poem captures the smokers’ habits/preferences very well. I haven’t smoked, but I know drinking coffee triggers smoking, or vice versa. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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