The Hour

When the green was greener,
a promise was made
In the starry night,
the river glowed with fallen piecesImage
Over the golden fields,
the crows were heading off the west
In the silence of white,
my skin got senseless

You never rest
With me or without me


6 thoughts on “The Hour

  1. Japanese O.K?
    Kokoro ga shizumarimashita. JIbunnmo shizennno ichibu nannda. Maeni itta Scotoland no Findohorn ga omoidasare mashita. Sochiraha jishin daijoubu desuka? Aikawarazu shakunetu no Niigatadesu.

    • Thank you for the post! Although I have been living in LA for a while, some of images are still derived from Niigata, my hometown, especially for this particular poem. I often miss its spring, summer, autumn, and even harsh winter…Thank you for sharing your own experience with me!!

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